Income Protection

Short of dying, one of the most devastating things that can happen to most people during their normal working life is to become ill or disabled and forced to live on State Benefits through being unable to work. Sorry if that sounds like it is being overly dramatic, but it is the truth.

Ask yourself what will happen if you become too ill to work? Will you be able to keep up the mortgage payments? What State Benefits will you get? How long will your savings last? For how long will your employer pay you?

Income Protection Plans pays out a defined amount on a regular basis until your return to work or the expiry date of the policy, whichever is sooner. Therefore, in the event of a claim and payment being made, your financial worries will be reduced.

Income protection for offshore workers a speciality.

With your free initial meeting why not come and see the deals available to you. We offer unbiased advice and we will find your ideal protection package.

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